About Elizabeth

Elizabeth has spent a lifetime as a dancer, fiber artist, costume maker, and artist.

Currently her focus is on illustration and painting.  She works in both traditional and digital techniques.  Elizabeth’s influences are classic children’s literature such as The Tales of Beatrix Potter and Alice In Wonderland to name a few.  As an illustrator her focus is publishing, as well as being available to illustrate for other writers she also creates her own books and stories.  Her own stories are centered on whimsical and fantasy situations that feature strong female protagonists who are as plucky as they are fun.

As a painter Elizabeth works in a variety of mediums such as oil paint, watercolor, charcoal, and pencil.  She is a representational and figurative painter, Her paintings are done in series to fully explore a theme.

Regardless of what kind of creative work Elizabeth is doing the thread that weaves it all together is Story.  Her desire to tell a story that amuses and maybe even enlightens the viewer.