And so the wind blows…

Some people say we don’t have seasons in Southern California, but I’m telling you that isn’t true.  We do have seasons, they aren’t perfectly aligned to the traditional European or East Coast seasons that we know from literature and movies.  In Autumn after a few weeks of shortened days and cooling temperatures, we get hot hot weather.  It’s a different type of heat than summer, it’s very dry.  If you stay indoors or in the shade it seems cool and the evenings are definitely cool.  During the day, however, as soon as you step outside the warm air hits you. And we get the Santa Ana winds, they blow in from the east.  Where I live in the Santa Monica mountains, just above the Pacific Ocean the winds are quite fierce.  They wake you up at night they are so strong, they whistle and blow.  I fear that a branch from my old eucalyptus, or pine trees might fall and create havoc.  That is Autumn here, clearly a seasonal transformation.

fall card for blog.jpg

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